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Boat Photography

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Good photography is your first point of contact with a potential buyer. A good photo will stand out, draw in a prospective buyer, and entice them to click on your listing or ad.

Good sales is half marketing, by utilizing strong photography as your door we hope to generate more clicks and leads through photos and video than what would be possible alone.

I’ve (Jared Burris) have been a photographer for over a decade. It has been a hobby on and off throughout the years, but over time has led me to photograph portraits, weddings, product, and allowed me to create and direct startup and website assets.

I currently have a Sony A7C full-frame mirrorless camera with various lenses. The most important of which is a 14-24mm 2.8f lens that is utilized for real estate, allowing me to get stronger wide-angle photos of tight spaces like boats.

In addition I have a DJI Air Mavic 2S drone that can take both stills and film overhead or out on the water.

Listing Photography

We offer photography for any vessel that is looking to sell and will be marketing and/or advertising.

Good photography with a clean, organized boat shows intent and care highlighting to buyers instantly that your vessel is a strong option to consider.

We provide:

  • Light organization of your vessel
  • Exterior photos
  • Interior photos
  • Mechanical/engine room photos
  • You will receive in total:
    • 50-100 finished photos

Cost: $499

  • $299 if you have a marketing service subscription
  • Free if we have an exclusive listing agreement
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Photography & Video Tour

Going the next step, we will provide photography as outlined in the service above but also film and create a short 3-6 minute boat tour video.

Having video of our boat helps to see the entire vessel remotely, giving buyers a strong understanding of what she looks and feels like. Video engagement also indicates a higher intent to become a lead.

We provide:

  • Exterior vessel video
  • Interior vessel video
  • Mechanical/engine room video
  • Voiceover recording (can be your own or we can record one)
  • Final editing and digital files
  • All aspects of the photography tier

Cost: $749

  • $249 for video tour only
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On the Water Photography & Video

Showing what your boat looks like on and cruising through the water gives buyers the best understanding of what they could expect when considering the purchase of your vessel.

Here we shoot your listing photographs, do a boat tour at the dock, and then take additional photos and video while out on the water together.

We provide:

  • On the water photography
    • Shown from the boat perspective and via the airĀ  (drone)
  • On the water video
    • Shown from the boat perspective and via the air (drone)
  • Raw footage shared via Dropbox
  • Boat tour with on the water video integrated throughout
  • All aspects of the previous two tiers

Cost: $1,499

  • $749 for on the water photography and video only
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