We believe that yacht transactions should be seamless and stress-free.

We ensure that every client understands the process, has clear expectations from us, and will never be just another customer in a transaction.

We do this by focusing on education, organization, consistent communication, and project management.


Jared Burris

Owner & Broker

Hey, I’m Jared! I grew up along the shores of Lake Michigan and fell in love with being on the water at a young age. Before moving to Washington, my partner and I (along with our cat Stella) lived aboard our Silverton 352 in Saint Paul, MN on the Mississippi River.
After navigating my way through advertising sales at Pinterest and then sales leadership roles at various startups I saw an opportunity to bring the sales skillset and my passion for boats at a brokerage. Along the journey of finding my own boat, I had frustrating experiences with boat brokers and the sales process, and heard similar frustrations from other boat owners, but knew it could be different. So I decided to buy Port Gardner Yacht Brokerage to make the buying and selling of boats a more enjoyable and less painful experience. I believe that more information, transparency, and communication makes a world of a difference.

Other fun facts: I was an L3 sea kayak guide in the Apostle Islands on Lake Superior (similar-ish to the San Juans) and recently built a CLC Passagemaker dinghy.

Bethany Sapp

Owner & Broker

Hey there, I’m Bethany! I’ve always been drawn to the water, so much so that I can’t even recall my first experience with it. From sea kayaking to living aboard our Silverton, I’ve made the water a central part of my life.

My career in the nonprofit sector has allowed me to help others, whether it is through direct case management or building pro-bono volunteer programs. This skill set has allowed me to build bridges between people and their use case similar to how buyers and sellers search for their next boat.

I’m passionate about guiding people to find their perfect boat fit and encouraging them to embrace the joy of being on the water.

Other fun facts: I love sea kayaking and getting out on the water in any way that I can (including cold plunging).



Whether you’re buying or selling a yacht, our comprehensive education approach ensures that you’re well-informed and equipped to make informed decisions.


Our workflows and tools keep us organized and efficient, while also ensuring that we match the right buyers with the right sellers.


Consistent communication and transparency are hallmarks of our brokerage, keeping you in the loop every step of the way.


From contract negotiations to closing, our project management expertise ensures that every aspect of your transaction is expertly managed.

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